RNX is established by professionals of plastic and printing industry with long term co-operation with major leading partners around the world. Finland offers great additional value for R&D due to the fact it is one of the leading countries in the world of paper, printed products and related high tech materials.
Unic and patented RNX-Technology applications e.g Film, Sheets for printers, Printed Products have been produced since 1996 and are now sold and licensed through international network of resellers.

The core know-how of RNX is a patented electromagnetic technology which is the platform for number of further applications with significant sales and export potential. 
Main business idea of RNX is to develop and commercialize new products and applications using this particular new RNX -technology of magnetic adhesiveness.
RNX -business concept is innovative and challenging due to the fact that there are potentially hundreds, even thousands of practical different uses and applications available utilizing this new technology which can be described:

RNX-Tecnology is also used in number of other high tech applications in Medical, Health/Wellness, Feed Additives, Packaging Industries where we co-operate in close partnership and joint venture with major multinational corporations.

RNX -Techology and Products are sold world wide with different brands: e.g.
RNX -Film (www.rnx.fi), Stick-film
and with the brands of partners.

RNX -Film adheres by itself, without any tools, adhesive tapes, pins or other fixtures onto most materials, such as wood, steel, concrete, glass, wallpapers and most plastics. It can be easily removed and affixed some number of times again. 
Due to its unique self-fastening property, RNX -Film can be used, for example, in advertising, promotional and communication uses.
The main value of RNX in advertising is the effect and number of contacts which is experienced to be some 30-100 times higher than in a similar advertisement in magazine. 

RNX -FILM can be delivered in sheets or in rolls. RNX -FILM is based e.g. on polypropylene and it contains a permanent electric field, which is achieved with a proprietary process. Also other plastics, related films and applications have been developed to gain greater heat resistance with new applications: e.g. copiers, laser printers, warm environments.


RNX Film Applications

Custom made / Private Label:

1) RNX -Magazine Inserts and Campaign Posters
2) RNX -Stickers, Labels
3) RNX -Tape/ Banderoles
Ready Made:
4) RNX -Ready Made Tapes
5) RNX -Calendars, Planning Boards, Posters
6) RNX -Meeting Charts, with Logo & Printing
7) RNX -Accessories
8) RNX -Blank Film and Boxes (Multiuse)
Printing Industry:  Sheets for producing above
9) RNX -Blank Film for Stickers and Tape
10) RNX -Sheets for Offset, Silk Screen, Digital Printing

RNX -Booth at Premier Exhibition in Frankfurt

Customers of RNX:

Number of major leading corporations are already using 
RNX -Technology and Products.
As a reference - some of them:

Canon NOKIA Jamanutzi
Andersen Consulting LM Ericsson Swissair
IBM WM -Data Rank Xerox
Hewlett Packard Merrill Lynch Compaq
McDonnell Douglas McDonald's Sonera
Glaxo Wellcome Siemens BNP Paribas
Marlboro Hartwall Government of Turkey

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introduce our products to your organization as well.
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New Distributors World Wide are welcome

- Printing Houses/Industry
- Advertising Agencies
, -planning
- Magazine Publishers
- Agents with Printing Industry Contacts
- Paper Wholesalers
- Office Distributors
- Direct Selling Organizations
- Digital Printing

We are also looking for co-operation 
partners to licence RNX -technology into your products

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(part of Intellicom-Group)
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