RNX Campaign posters

There are thousands of different kinds and sizes of RNX -Posters done. Basic idea of 
them all is that they are easy to hang on a wall, window, most surfaces
- no pins, glue is needed because RNX -Posters stick by itself with electrostatic force. 
Film is charged with + charge and the opposite side has - -charge  -  IT STICK LIKE A MAGNET ...

Due to this unique characteristic there is a higher likely hood that RNX -Posters and 
Stickers will be used and hanged. According to our experience some 2-5% of promotional
paper posters will be used and over 70% of RNX -Posters will be used and hanged. Promotional value and advertising money spent is 20-30 better which means also means big savings.

We use almost all printing methods:
- offset, dry-offset
- flexo
- digital printing

Posters can be cut and stances to custom sizes.
Same method is used printing RNX -Posters than similar paper posters and stickers. Also
paper, other special material as well as RNX -film can be printed along with other works.
E.g. printed 1000 on paper, 1000 on RNX-film.

We also have number of leading printing houses world wide as our partners who
can do the printing and handling. 

Printing House requests are welcome. Please contact us.

For customer works - P
lease contact us for quotations. 
- size
- number of colors used
- volume
- after handling

Uses and Ideas for use:

  • Political Campaigns and Elections - commune, presidential
  • Campaign Poster for Direct Mail -  (10 higher likelihood to be displayed)
  • Campaign Calendars with company logo
  • Window advertising of consumer products - food, cigarette, liqueur, grocery stuff
  • Campaigns for dealers
  • Promotion for kids, toys, maps, coupons, leaflets, home-use
  • Innovative - thousands of uses - easy to hang - better results - long promotional effect

Key Features / Introductions on the use of RNX -Film:

  • self-adhesive poster based on static adhesives - IT WORKS LIKE A MAGNET ...
  • easy to hang - no pins or any other messy tools needed
  • remove the protective back sheet before placing the poster on a wall
  • in smoky and dusty environments posters may leave a dust-line around when finally removed
  • all plastic and also paper may attract a dust line at the corners of posters
  • film is magnetic adhesive on both sides - can be used to hang light paper & posters & notes


  • bases on experience there is a higher likelihood that RNX Campaign Poster will be used and hanged on a wall than a similar paper due to fact of easy fixing (just place and smooth air out underneath)
  • example statistics 70 out of 100 RNX -posters will be hanged and 5 out of 100 
    similar if paper is used.
  • easy to be hanged - no pins & tools needed - no additional training
  • new uses and new places - pillars, windows, all smooth surfaces
  • glass window are excellent places for hanging


  • RNX -Film is based on polypropylene which is recyclable and environmental 
    friendly, when manufactured and finally burned
  • thickness - about 50 microns, somewhat opaque

Other issues / Good to know / Instructions:

  • please remove protective back sheet if supplied
  • smooth RNX -poster onto a wall with a palm of your hand or with a piece of cloth 
    - remove all air under the poster for good holding
  • the protective transparent back sheet of a posters can be used/flipped on the top of 
    the poster for higher gloss
  • in dusty environments all plastic and posters may leave a dust line/shadow 
    when finally removed
  • for different uses special improvements are available for better usage and user friendliness
  • posters can be packed in tubes for direct mailing purposes